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What we do

Lex Design Agency specialises in retail design and commercial interiors. Located in Melbourne, Australia, we work with companies locally, nationally and globally, that need their interior spaces well-designed.

Why we’re the best

We’re designers who love the challenge of balancing brilliant design with practical application. Collaboration, innovation and ideation is only our starting point, it’s where we take it from there that separates the wheat from the chaff. With every brief, we get curious, we pick and unpick, we research, we think big, we think macro, we create, we refine, we work and re-work, until what we’ve designed exceeds what our clients asked for.

This is how we do it:

Design Conceptual

We bring in big sky imagining, creativity and critical thinking to develop design concepts for new projects.

Design Adaptation

For clients and projects who are already established and need an agile designer to work within the guidelines and produce results that continue the project’s success.

Design – Documentation and Roll-Out

Working with developed and approved designs, we document our clients’ projects and roll it out across their sites; statewide, nationwide or globally.